#551 Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms is Dire Straits second entry in the list. This album was my introduction to the band. I remember having a friend named Jeff at this time. We worked together. He was a big fan. I really hated this album before. Maybe times have changed.

Nope. “So Far Away” reminds me why I hate them. They sound like a bar band that happen to win a weird lottery which included a record contract and a bunch of dumb yo-yos who would buy it all. Maybe this could be a Black Mirror episode. And speaking of yo-yos, they were banned in Syria because people thought they caused a drought.

And part of the episode would be this awesome singer Sting would start singing to this interesting music, but all of suddenly it turns out it is just the bar band singing another boring song called “Money for Nothing“. The one funny thing about this song is the use of the word faggot. Some people got in an uproar over it, but they did not realise the context of the word. Those people are the real idiots.

I really hate this band and album. I would call them the 80s version of Nickleback. If you want to hear this type of music, then do yourself a favour, get a friend, go to a real pub where they play live music, buy a beer and enjoy. 2/10.

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