#557 Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

Kate Bush released her fifth album Hounds of Love in 1985. It was her return to the spotlight after 1982’s poorly received The Dreaming. Bush self-produced the album.

When I hear the name Kate Bush, I immediately think of the lyrics “make a deal with God”. “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” is one of her best songs ever. The music and the lyrics grab you into another world where you can make a deal with God.

Other songs that I recommend on the list are “Hounds of Love”, “The Big Sky“, “Cloudbusting“, which are on Side one: Hounds of Love. On Side two: The Ninth Wave, I love the first song “And Dream of Sheep” and the last song “The Morning Fog” is good.

This album is the one Gaga should have listened to if she wanted to create real art-pop. Oddly, I hear Tori Amos at times, but not the good Amos. Unfortunately, the second half derails into weirdness between the first and last song. I recommend it. 8/10.

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