#561 New Order – Low-Life

New Order‘s third studio album Low-Life is their first of two albums on the list. I am shocked that Power, Corruption & Lies is not on the list. I really have to make my own list after this challenge is completed. I am sure that I have heard this album before, but I do not remember it now. I probably gravitated to their other albums around it.

I think it is easier to say which song I did not like instead of the ones I like. I really did not like “Sub-culture“. It sounded too robotic vocally. Yet, I really liked the music to it. I am a bit torn on it.

The video is an extra long version of “The Perfect Kiss”. Honestly, I think it is better to listen to them on Spotify.

New Order was perfect for dancing during the 80s. I love to dance, especially alone. I think I would suggest listening to their previous albums first, then check this one out. It is great for those who like synth-pop and post-punk. 9.8/10.

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