#562 Simply Red – Picture Book

I do not remember if I was a fan of Simply Red in the beginning. I know I did not own their debut album Picture Book., which leads me to believe I was not sure fo them. I definitely owned one of their later albums. Unfortunately, this is their only album on the list. English singer Mick Hucknall brought back that soul-influenced pop sound of Motown for me. My mother listened to a lot of Motown.

Unfortunately, I think this album has a lot of failures on it. The best songs are “Holding Back the Years“, “Come to My Aid“, “Heaven” and to a lesser degree “Picture Book”.

Overall, this was a huge disappointment for me. I listened to their later albums and they were much better. Maybe Hucknall and the band got better with age, but I would skip this album and listen to the recommended songs. Way too much filler. 5/10.

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