#566 Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock: The Album

Afrika Bambaataa was accused of molesting boys. Should he be excluded from the list? I noticed someone else doing the same list, but he would not do Michael Jackson albums because of the allegations brought up recently. I think you have to separate the two things so I will listen to Planet Rock: The Album, even if it was one of the earliest crappy albums of hip hop.

This is not my type of music. I hated the early sounds of hip hop. It is so simple. I imagine a small child, a bit younger than Bambaataa likes, creating the same horrible noises. If you enjoy hip hop, then I recommend you listen to it. I will wait for the Beastie Boys to arrive on the scene in late 80s. Yet, it is not as bad as Joan Baez. 1/10.

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