#567 Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill

I saw the Beastie Boys in concert around the year Licensed to Ill was released. It was the one time I saw them and Madonna. They are no longer together since Adam Yauch died in 2012 and Madonna is so old now that I am not sure I will ever see her again. It is nice to say you saw someone before they exploded on the scene. Both acts cemented their stardom a few years later. I actually never listened to this album because I hated “Fight for Your Right“. I thought it was a dumb song. I was not impressed with them in the concert either. I became a fan when they released Paul’s Boutique. Trivia: The album was originally titled Don’t Be a Faggot.

I am surprised how much I liked this album. I should have enjoyed it during the time of its release. It is about being adolescent and having fun. The songs I hated were “Fight for Your Right”, “She’s Crafty”, and I found “Girls” to be cheesy, but it was a catchy cheese.

I recommend the rest of the album, especially “Rhymin & Stealin“, “The New Style“, “No Sleep till Brooklyn”, “Brass Monkey“, and “Time to Get Ill”.

I would listen to this innovative album of Jewish boys doing hip hop better than anyone else. They were accused of culture appropriation, but that is utterly ridiculous. It only exist in the minds of idiots. 9/10.

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