#569 The The – Infected

Infected is The The‘s second and final album on the list. I think it is terrible that Dusk is not on the list. It is my favourite album from them. I have the most memories attached to it. It reminds me of perhaps the first best friend I ever believed in. We were friends and it had nothing to do with what I could give. It ended in a disaster as everything does for me.

The best songs are “Infected” and “Sweet Bird of Truth“.

I was not feeling this album on the first listen so I listened to it a second and third time. It is more upbeat for me. I did not love it as much as I love Soul Mining and Dusk. I think it is because of the lack of synth-pop. I think I prefer when Matt Johnson does more dance music than post-punk. I felt this album was a bit of a letdown. 6/10.

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