#570 Nanci Griffith – Last of the True Believers

Wow. 1986 really sucks as far as music goes. This list in the book is terrible, except for a few gems. Nanci Griffith‘s Last of the True Believers is definitely not something I would ever listen to on my own and I am sure it will not be one of the gems. I do not like country music. It sounds like a bunch of cats are being murdered, although the thought sounds pleasant, the act does not.

I did not add any of these songs to my list of best songs on Spotify, but if you like this kind of music, then I recommend “Love at the Five and Dime“, “Goin’ Gone“, and “The Wing and the Wheel“.

Since I do not like country music I found it difficult to listen to her voice most of the time. The songs I mentioned above are worth checking out if you like country. 5/10.

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