#572 Talk Talk – The Colour of Spring

Talk Talk is one of my favourite bands of the 80s. I was crazy for their sound from the beginning until the end. I had all their albums. The Colour of Spring is their third studio album. The band made their move away from their synth-pop sound of It’s My Life. This album is their transition to post-rock. Personally I would have included It’s My Life on the list too. I will try to come to some conclusion as to why they meant so much to me.

A little history of the band. They disbanded in 1991. Leader and genius Mark Hollis wanted to focus on his family. He recorded one self-titled solo album in 1998 and retired from the music business. Hollis died 2019 February 25. I was sad because I always held out hope of a reunion of the band. I am sad that I never got to see them in concert. It is a reminder that there are things that I want to do and I should do them now. The biggest song from the album was “Life’s What You Make It“.

I will not say which songs are great and which ones are terrible because all the songs are incredible. This is one of the best albums to listen to all the way through. It is amazing. I have always been a fan from the first time I heard them. I cannot think of any other band that progressed so much from their first album as Talk Talk did. Unfortunately, the radio listening population did not possess the taste to follow along. 10/10.

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