#575 Sonic Youth – EVOL

It seems strange that I have never listened to Sonic Youth. My former best friend used to listen to them, but I guess I never really paid much attention to them. If he had played them for me, then it would have been Dirty. He listened to a lot of music. It was one fo the things we had in common. I had never had such a great friend as him up to that point in my life. Unfortunately our friendship was not a lasting one and I was not his best friend. I have never had anyone call me their best friend. It makes me sad. EVOL is their third studio album.

I am not sure why I missed this album and this band. I liked the first couple of songs a lot. I think they were good because they had more of a pop influence that attached themselves to me. As the album progresses it gets a bit wilder. I still like it, but it is harder to imagine listening to some of the songs every day. I could easily listen to “Tom Violence“, “Shadow of a Doubt“, and possibly “Starpower” often.

It appears that Spotify has the cassette version; it is missing “Expressway to Yr. Skull” and replaces it with “Madonna, Sean and Me” and “Bubblegum”.

Overall, I think this is a great album. The noises are a bit much at times so I would not listen to it as I would my favourite albums, I would listen to it again and maybe try their following albums, if they are not on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.  I like that they have two singers which makes me feel like I am listening to two bands. I think if I listened to this album a few more times I would evol it more. 9/10.


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