#583 Anita Baker – Rapture

Anita Baker made the list. I was a bit surprised. Diana Ross is not on it. Patti LaBelle is not on the list. I remember listening to Baker’s album Rapture in 1987, a year after its release, because I had a new job in a restaurant and I was a bar back. The bartender had a little cassette radio and he played this album. I grew to enjoy it. It represents the time when my life took a big turn. I left my family forever. I moved away and continued to move away through the years. 1987 is one of my milestones. I do not remember many things in my life, but I remember that year in music.

Warning none of her albums are on Spotify, but many of the songs from this album are available on her Spotify profile. They were gathered from other soundtracks. It is probably better to find them on YouTube.

Baker’s silky voice was great for the quiet storm. Check out “No One in the World“, “Same Ole Love (365 Days a Year)“, “Caught Up in the Rapture”, and “Sweet Love“. In fact, all of the songs are worth listening to on Baker’s second album. it was a departure from the world of synth-pop. 10/10.

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