Joker Stands Alone

There will be a spoiler or two.

I went to see Joker even though I heard some people thought it was too disturbing. But was it disturbing? If you do not know the story by now, then you must live in a cave somewhere in the Ozark Mountains. In my imagination that is where people live in caves. Anyway, the Joker is a character from DC Comics’ Batman series. He is an evil clown looking person. In the new film, Joker, we watch as Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) descends into the lower regions of hell on Earth, where he embraces his true self.

I think the films was excellent because it portrayed that there are evil people. Some of the evil people were kids, some were grown men, some were women, some were colleagues, and some were _________. Fill in the blank. Evil people come in both sexes and all races.

It also showed that some people are a bit insane and maybe you should be nice because you never know when someone will finally flip the switch and unleash their revenge on those who hurt them. Fleck was beat up by people a couple of times and was lied to by those he trusted. Although, I found it hard to believe he was gullible enough to trust anyone.

Phoenix was excellent, almost as excellent as Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. The biggest difference in the latter film was the Joker had an opposing force in Batman who may have been flawed, but was mostly a good guy. In the Joker film, it seems that almost everyone is bad. The only “good’ character might be Fleck’s neighbour Sophie Dumond (Zazie Beetz). Unfortunately, we do not really know her real character. I will not say why because you should see the film yourself.

There is a scene towards the end that really caught me off guard. The Joker is standing on a vehicle while chaos is surrounding him. He wipes some of the blood from his mouth into the corners of his lips in the shape of a huge smile. As he did it, I found myself smiling too. I felt happy for him. He was free. He was his true self. He was finally noticed.

This was an excellent film. This is the reason I first fell in love with the cinema. I could totally escape into Fleck’s world and I could relate to his pain. He wanted help, but nobody was really helping him. The Gotham government cut the funding so he lost the little help he was receiving. I think that was a plug for our country to change its stance on funding mental health so people could get the help they need.

The film was extremely dark. There was no light to guide Fleck into salvation. He was not meant to be redeemed. He could not be saved. For someone of us, we are lost and always will be lost. The Joker stood alone at the end. He only had himself to rely on and at the end of the day all of us only have ourselves to depend upon. The only fault I could find in the film was one of the characters disappeared. I think I know what happened, but I was not certain. 10/10.

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