#587 Dinosaur Jr. – You’re Living All Over Me

Dinosaur Jr. is band that I more than likely heard from Eric who was my best friend in the early 90s. I cannot be sure which album he would have played for me to hear, but it probably was not 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me. I have a feeling it was Green Mind and Where You Been because both albums look really familiar. The only problem is that I do not remember if I liked it or not. I am going with I probably did not care for it. I never listened to them again.

Trivia moment: This is one of the band’s few albums to feature the entire band performing. J Mascis performed most of the instruments himself on their major label years.

1987 was one of the most important years of my life. I moved away from home, far from home and never looked back. I had started a new life. A lot of things were the same, but many things were different. It took me a bit of time to make an even bigger change. I had gotten away from all my drug friends and ended up with a bunch more. Restaurant work is the worst place to be clean. Many of the people were high all the time. I was in control. I only got high after work. I never got high at work. I was too paranoid. I also knew that work would keep me off the streets. I did not want to be homeless.

The best songs are “Tarpit” and “In a Jar“. Perhaps if I revisit it later I might find more.

80s rock music has a lot of noise and lazy vocals. Dinosaur Jr. does it well, but I felt it all started bleeding into one song. I think I prefer bands when I can make it what they are singing about. I also think that this band it good, but I wish it was a little less noisy. 6/10.



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