#591 Prince – Sign o’ the Times

Prince‘s Sign o’ the Times is not an album I expected to see on the list of 1001 Albums. I was a huge fan of Prince, but I really had forgotten this album. I think I rarely ever listened to it. I definitely think of my former friend Roger. He was the biggest Prince freak ever. I think I mentioned him before on a previous Prince entry so I will not talk about him anymore. Although he was from my hometown and he and his girlfriend invaded my new life. If it had only been him, I think we would have remained friends, but she was not a good person.

The best songs are “Sign o’ the Times”, “Hot Thing“, “If I Was Your Girlfriend“, “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man“, “The Cross” and maybe “Slow Love“.

As I listened to it, I was surprised that it gets better on Record two: Side three. I was ready to write it off on the first album, but I changed my mind. I still do not like it as much as his previous albums. I do not get why everyone thinks it is the best album from Prince. It is one of his worst album of the 80s, but not the worst. Batman soundtrack was in the 80s too. I guess we could say that even Prince’s worst is still better than most artist best work. If he had cut it down to one album, then it might have been incredible. 8/10.

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