#592 The Cult – Electric

The Cult is a band that I may have heard of one of their songs. I am certain I have never heard their 1987 album Electric. I am surprised that I have never listened to them since they play hard rock music.

I am sure that I had a short term friend during this period who liked this band. I want to say her name was Cindy or something to do with dyed white hair. She was one of those friends that comes in your life because you have something she wants, but disappears when you are no longer useful. I have had mostly those types in my life. I know inside myself that these people were using me, but I always gave them the benefit of my doubt. I was always proved right in my deeper thoughts.

Okay, the music is not bad, but it does not sound like anything special either. What I really dislike is the singer’s vocals. Ian Astbury mostly screams his lyrics. Astbury’s vocals are distinctive, but not in a good way. Unfortunately, there was not one song that made me want to return for more of The Cult. 4/10.

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