#593 Depeche Mode – Music For The Masses

Depeche Mode is a band that I have heard of many times over. I am a fan. I only wish I had seen them in concert. Somehow I have missed every tour they have done. One of these days I will see them. It seems almost silly to review Music For The Masses from 1987. I owned it. It has some of the best songs ever on it. I could listen to them over and over. 

Songwriter Martin Gore wrote all the songs on this album, but I think his best song is “Never Let Me Down Again“. It became one of my favourite songs from the first time I heard it and has remained that way. I had no idea that it had a drug connotation to it. I thought it was literally about two best friends riding together in a car. This. Is. What. I. Have. Always. Wanted. That is one of my biggest problems in life. I have never had a best friend who was a real best friend. I have always wanted one since I was a little kid. I moved a lot and I was never able to make friends. I get really sad over this. It keeps me up at night. I makes me cry often.

The other best songs are many: “The Things You Said“, “Strangelove“, “Behind the Wheel“, “Nothing“, and all the other songs.

I am not surprised that the idiot who wrote this book took this long to include the band in the list. Anyway, this album is pure synth-pop and new wave cotton candy to the ears and the heart. It is so amazing even over 30 years later. Gore’s lyrics and David Gahan‘s beautiful vocals equals magic. 10/10

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