#594 Sisters of Mercy – Floodland

Sisters of Mercy‘s Floodland is an album I definitely owned. In one of my many characters I was a goth kid. I might have seen them during their tour in the 90s. I saw quite a few concerts that I do not remember. I was really into this band because it was so dark and I live in the darkness and the sadness. Jim Steinman was one of the producers on this album.

Some of the best songs are “Dominion/Mother Russia“, “Lucretia My Reflection“, “This Corrosion“, and “Flood II”.

Overall, I think this album holds up well. It seems that I have forgotten these songs and now they sound a little different than I remember them. I do like Andrew Eldritch’s deep voice. I think it is worth listening to if you have any interest in gothic rock. 9/10.

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