#596 Hüsker Dü – Warehouse: Songs & Stories

Warehouse: Songs & Stories is the final album of 80s band Hüsker Dü. I have never heard of any of their music until today. I thought they were some kind of heavy punk or rock music, but this double album is filled with alternative rock. I also did not know this is where Bob Mould started his career in music.

I think Mould is the reason for the destruction of the band. He seems like an arrogant jerk. The band has two singers and two writers, but he pushed his bandmate Grant Hart down and did not give him equal voice. I hate people like Mould. He is nothing more than a bully.

The worst song on the album is “It’s Not Peculiar”. It is such an irritating song. I think “Turn It Around”comes in second place.

As for the album, I think the music is good and the vocals are okay too. I guess my only problem was that none of the songs really grabbed onto me, shook me and stated “Listen to me again”. It is the type of album that you could put on and let it play through, but it never interrupts what you are doing. 6/10.

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