#601 The Jesus & Mary Chain – Darklands

Darklands is the second album on the list from The Jesus & Mary Chain, and their second release. This was their first album without drummer Bobby Gillespie. He left to become the frontman of the British rock band Primal Scream. I am certain that I missed this album when it was released.

I think it is best that I say that I liked all the songs except for “Fall“. I found it to be the most irritating song on the album.

Oddly, two of the songs remind me of other songs for a few seconds. “About You” reminds me of Rod Stewarts’ “I Was Only Joking“. That is one of the best songs ever. And “Darklands” reminds me a little bit of “Heroes” from David Bowie, but only the way he says “I”.

This is a few steps above their debut album. I think the music is catchy and the breathy voices make it an album worthy of the list. I am happy because 1987 has some of the worst music on the list. It was a terrible year for albums. 8.9/10.

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