#603 Laibach – Opus Dei

Laibach is a band I have heard of and possibly heard their music. Opus Dei is their third studio album. The band formed in the former Yugoslavia in a small mining town. According to Wikipedia, the band’s status changed is 1991, “Laibach’s status in the country has turned from rejection to promotion into a national cultural icon, which included performances with the Slovenian symphony orchestra.”

If you like martial industrial and neoclassical dark wave music, then this is the album for you. Also, you might have to like listening to music in German language. I have never been fond of the German language, yet I think it is better than Spanish. I have lived in Austria and spent a lot of time in Germany so I am used to their language. I have had Spanish friends, but I still do not like to hear Spanish songs.

I have not heard this album before and I think I will never listen to it again. I used to like industrial music a lot, but this did nothing for me. 4/10.


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