#605 Sonic Youth – Sister

Sonic Youth has five albums on this list. That is overkill. Yes, I gave the previous album 9/10, but it is still too much. No group really deserves that many albums on the list. There are so many other groups and artists that need a little love. Sister is their fourth album. The genre is noise pop, alternative rock and art rock. Hopefully, they can save 1987 from all the horrible music.

I think the best songs are “Schizophrenia“, “Stereo Sanctity“, “Pacific Coast Highway“, and “White Kross”.

Bass guitarist Kim Gordon tries to emulate Blondie’s Debbie Harry in “Beauty Lies in the Eye“, but I find it lacking Harry’s vocal charisma.

This album has a lot of noise in it. At times I hate so much noise, but it depends on my mood. Sonic Youth does noise pop better than most of the noise pop bands. Unfortunately, this album fails in comparison to their previous album on the list. 7/10.

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