#607 Michael Jackson – Bad

Michael Jackson‘s Bad was released in 1987. The album produced a record-breaking five number ones. I was a huge fan of Michael’s since I was a kid, but by the time this album came out I kind of moved on. I still listened to him, but I do not think I actually owned a copy of this album. If I did, then I did not listen to it as much as Thriller and my favourite album from Jackson, Off the Wall. At this point I was disappointed in him for making himself look freak-ish from all the surgery on his face. He no longer looked like the Michael I grew up with.

This album is lacking in the bangers that were on Thriller. I liked only a few songs on it. My favourite song was “Man in the Mirror“. It is lyrically and vocally a beautiful song. This is the song that makes me miss Michael more.

I will never believe those allegations against Michael Jackson. Sure, he was weird and did strange things like owning a chimp, but I do not believe he was a pedophile. I think he put himself in some bad situations and trusted children, but children can grow up to be bad people. I remember when I was young and I was listening to Michael’s album Off the Wall and I really related to it. I felt that if I had met him that we would be friends because we had been through hell because of our mother’s husbands. I was sad when he died. I was on my way to Poland or Czech Republic with some friends. It was a sad time. I cannot remember dates of things in my life, unless I relate it to a song or a world event. I regret that I never saw him in concert.

The other songs that I like are “The Way You Make Me Feel“, “Bad”, “Dirty Diana”, and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You“.

I really hate “Liberian Girl” and “Smooth Criminal”. I think I hate the chorus on the latter.

I think this is different than Thriller and maybe deserves a place on the list. Jackson was always innovative. He will be remembered for a long time. It is terrible that some people are trying to take him down when he is not here to defend himself. 8.9/10.

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