#612 Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man

Leonard Cohen‘s I’m Your Man fourth and final album on the list of 1001 Albums is his eighth studio album and his move toward the modern sound of the day. I have not like Cohen’s music at all. I have not given him a score over 5 yet, in fact his score went down as I reviewed his albums. He is overly represented on this list. I think Cohen expressed it best for me in an interview for Q Magazine in 1991, “Sometimes I can’t stand the sound of my voice.” I am with you Cohen.

As I listen to the album I wonder, who thought he was good enough to put on record. In the first song “First We Take Manhattan” he talks through it. He is awful. Even his lyrics are terrible. It sounds like something you would hear on a comedy sketch.

My recommendation is to skip this one unless you feel you deserve some torture for your past sins. 1/10.

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