#613 The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues

I do not know anything about The Waterboys. I read that they had a hit in the U.S.A. and they formed in Edinburg in 1983. Fisherman’s Blues is their fourth album and it marked a change in musical style.

I was so surprised by the first two songs “Fisherman’s Blues” and “We Will Not Be Lovers“, especially the latter. I really liked multi-talented vocalist Mike Scott‘s voice. He has a gruff, but not too gruff voice.

Other songs that I liked were a Van Morrison cover “Sweet Thing“, “The Stolen Child“, “When Ye Go Away”, and maybe “Strange Boat”.

Overall, I found this album to be very catchy and entertaining. I think this extremely large band is very talented. It was a bit hard to decide which songs to put in the list because none of them were horrible. Some of the songs were a bit strange. I enjoy the album as a whole work. 9/10.

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