#615 Everything But the Girl – Idlewild

Everything But the Girl is duo I have heard, but not a lot. I heard some of their later music, probably closer to when they disbanded in 2000. It was made of couple lead singer Tracey Thorn and guitarist, keyboardist, producer and singer Ben Watt. Idlewild was their fourth album. They eventually married and have three children. They continue to make music separately.

Unfortunately for them, nobody can sing “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” as great as Rod Stewart. Thorn’s voice is not pleasant at all. As for the rest of the songs, I don’t want to talk about them.

Actually, I found the whole album boring and the music sounded dated to me. I find her voice a bit irritating on this album. I almost died of boredom, perhaps I would have if I hadn’t fallen asleep. I can definitely recommend this album if you need some sleep. 4/10.

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