#618 R.E.M. – Green

Finally, 1988 has an album Green and a band R.E.M., that I know and really liked on the list. I know that there are two songs that I really liked on this album, actually there are more, but two of them I remember because they were more played on radio. R.E.M. reminds me of Eric. I had stopped listening to them when our friendship ended. I was so sad. I moved far away from him and the life I had started away from my family, but that is later in my life story. 1988 was still the beginning of my new life away from my birth family. I could never rely on them so I made my own family wherever I moved, except maybe today. I have not made a family or a close friend since I moved to Colorado. I have never been more alone.

My favourite songs are the two hits songs: “Orange Crush” and “Stand“, but there are many other songs that I like on the album including, ‘Untitled, “World Leader Pretend“, “The Wrong Child” and all the rest of the songs on Green.

This was an excellent followup to 1987’s Document. It is odd that a band could do two albums in a row and both be outstanding. This is a testament to their talent. Micheal Stipe sounds great vocally. They made 1988 a bit brighter. 10/10.

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