#624 Pixies – Surfer Rosa

PixiesSurfer Rosa is the album that inspire Nirvana‘s Nevermind. Both albums are produced by Steve Albini. it is another band that Eric liked that I never listened to. Now I am wondering what we listened to when we went on those drives together. I remember his little car clearly. I remember it had a sticker on the back. I never put stickers on my cars. I hate them on cars. It is so distracting when I am driving, especially if I try to read them and I have to get closer to someone’s vehicle. I imagine they are wondering what the hell is wrong me getting so close to their car.

Overall, I kind of liked this band, except that some of their songs were a bit ridiculous, such as “Broken Face” and the irritating “Gigantic”. The best songs were “Bone Machine“, “Where Is My Mind?“, and “Cactus“. I left Spotify running, it played other songs from their other albums and they were great too. I think this band would be better in smaller doses for me. 7.5/10.

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