#626 Dinosaur Jr. – Bug

Dinosaur Jr. is another band that reminds me of Eric. This is their second entry on the list of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Oddly, vocalist J Mascis called Bug his least favourite album, although it is popular with fans. It was their third studio album.

Songs that I sort of kind of liked were: “Yeah We Know“, “Pond Song“, “They Always Come“, and bonus song “Keep the Glove“.

I will not spend time on this album. It is a lot of noise. I have nothing against this type of music, except that I think a lot of the noise bands sound alike. This album is good, but I cannot say that is blew me away. I could listen to it if you were a friend and you put it on. On my own, I would probably not listen to it again, except for the songs that I mentioned above. 7/10.

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