#627 Dagmar Krause – Tank Battles: The Songs of Hanns Eisler

Who the heck is Dagmar Krause? It is extremely odd to find an artist that I have not heard of in the 80s. She is a German singer. Tank Battles: The Songs of Hanns Eisler appears to be her second solo effort. It is a collection of songs sung in English by Krause. I believe there was a German version too. This album is not on Spotify, but you can find it on YouTube.

I feel that this would be best in a live situation down underground to a dive bar in a German town. I liked the album because it is très dramatique. It reminds me a bit of Édith Piaf, but not that great. I will not go to the trouble of saying which songs are the best. It was difficult listening to it on YouTube. I would just listen to a few songs and see what you think. It is twenty-six songs and there is a German version if you speak German. 8/10.

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