#628 k.d. lang – Shadowland

I know one song from k.d. lang. I guess it was not good enough for me to search out more. Usually, if I know one song, I assume they are a one hit wonder and it is pointless to buy the album. Shadowland was released in 1988 so the song I know would not be on this album. I have never heard this album nor have I heard any of her albums. The album was produced by one of Patsy Cline‘s best producers, Owen Bradley. I have a feeling this will be country music.

Western Stars” is a Chris Isaak song. So no. Nobody should sing his songs. He should be on this list, but he is not.

I really hated this album. I cannot stand country enough to listen to her sing it. She sounds like others before her. I do not hear anything unique. It sounded like someone took her cat and stuck it in a wood chipper. 1/10.

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