#629 American Music Club – California

American Music Club is not a band I have ever listened to before today. They were instrumental in slowcore genre. Slowcore is known for bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies, slower tempos and minimalist arrangements. Oh great, some more depressing music. California is their third album. This album is not on Spotify, which is ridiculous.

The first song “Firefly” bordered on country music so I was a bit turned off. People on YouTube acted like it was the most important song and they thought it was poetic. I thought it was simple and bland. “Bad Liquor” was a horrible song too.

There are some nice songs on this album. I would recommend “Laughingstock“, “Lonely“, “Pale Skinny Girl”, “Western Sky”, “Last Harbor”, and “Blue and Grey Shirt“.

It started off horribly, but they were able to redeem themselves. I thought I was going to hate this album, but I enjoyed it. It should be on Spotify. 8/10.

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