#630 Morrissey – Viva Hate

Morrissey went solo. I remember that affair. Would he be as good without Johnny Marr? I think he was as good, but not better. I was a fan of his in The Smiths and continued to be a fan of his solo music. Viva Hate was his debut album. It is strange, but Morrissey is one artist that does not have a connection to anyone else in my life. He was my own. I cannot remember ever listening to him with anyone. Perhaps that is a good thing. He is sad enough without attached memories.

Strange Trivia: EMI Australia considered Viva Hate too harsh a title and renamed the album Education in Reverse for LP release in Australia and New Zealand.

Everyday Is Like Sunday” was one of my favourite songs in the 80s. This song describes how I feel inside. Every day is silent and grey.

Late Night, Maudlin Street” is probably my least favourite song, but even so I still like it, especially the music. I think almost all the songs are great, except maybe “Dial-a-Cliché“. It would be my least favourite.

Overall, this album is bloody fantastic. You should stop reading my crappy opinion and go listen to it. His voice and lyrics are so emotional. 10/10.

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