#632 The Sugarcubes – Life’s Too Good

The Sugarcubes is a band that I remember liking. There music was unique. And Björk was amazing. Their debut album Life’s Too Good was a surprise hit. I have not heard their music since the early 90s; I am not sure why. I think I preferred Björk’s solo work, but only a little more. This album was released in my birthday month in 1988.

Almost all of the album is great, but I really liked “Birthday“, “Motorcrash” and “Coldsweat“.

This album is great. I am not sure why I forgot it. I think in general I do not listen to a lot of older music unless I get into a mood. I like discovering new magic. Since autocorrect changed music to magic I will leave it. I think that describes finding new music. If you really like Björk, then give this album a chance. I like that Einar Örn sings lead with her. It adds a contrast that reminds me of The B-52s. 9/10.

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