#641 Queen Latifah – All Hail the Queen

I have never heard a Queen Latifah song. I just realised that. I have seen her in films, but I skipped her music. I think it is because of my dislike for hip hop. All Hail the Queen is her debut album 1989.

I think I like “Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children” featuring De La Soul, “A King and Queen Creation” featuring 45 King, and “Queen of Royal Badness”.

“Evil That Men Do” is my least favourite song. I do not like songs that blame the government for your problems. I would rather less government involvement in our life. I do not think the government should be involved in giving handouts.

I am surprised that this album is rather catchy, especially since I hate hip hop. I do not thing Latifah has a great voice, but she uses what she has and has a great sense of rhythm. This music is probably the biggest draw to this album. 7/10.

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