#644 Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique

Beastie Boys are back with their second album Paul’s Boutique. I have already stated that I am not a fan of hip hop and I did not like the Beastie Boys. Things changed with the release of this album. I even bought it for myself. I was supposed to go to their concert during the Check Your Head tour with Eric, but for some reason I gave him the tickets and told him that I would not go. I had seen them years before. Paul’s Boutique is considered to be the “Sgt. Pepper of hip-hop”.

Hey Ladies” was the first single released, but it was not extremely successful. I am surprised it was not a hit. It was better than “Fight for Your Right“.

Overall, this album is incredible, but you knew that. This album is more fun and more intelligent than Licensed to Ill. I do not think I could separate the album into songs. I think it is great as one whole piece of art. I really like the whole thing. My least favourite songs are “5-Piece Chicken Dinner” and “Shadrach“, but the latter is not that bad. 10/10.

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