#646 John Zorn – Spy vs Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman

If you want to listen to John Zorn‘s 1989 jazz album Spy vs Spy: The Music of Ornette Coleman on Spotify, then search it by the title. I kind of thought jazz was done for the rest of the list. Is there anything to add to it? It appears so. According to Wikipedia, “The album itself approaches free jazz from the perspective of hardcore punk, particularly taking note of the contemporary innovations of thrashcore and grindcore.” That should be interesting or at least weird.

After checking the times and listening to what I thought was the album on Spotify, I found out it was not, but I have to say whatever it was it was a lot better than the actual album. After listening to a few minutes of the album you will want to gouge your eyes and your eardrums out. Your ears for the obvious reasons and your eyes because you will not be able to look at anymore pain in the world for the rest of your life without committing suicide. This was a horrible experience. I think this is about as bad as Joan Baez. 0/10.

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