#652 808 State – 90

808 State is one of the pioneers of acid house 90 was their second studio album. They were influential in the Madchester and baggy scenes. I am sure that I owned one of their later albums in the early 90s. Their sound feels like an extension of the superior New Order sound. In the United States as Utd. State 90, but with a some changed to the track listing.

The songs that I recommend are “Magical Dream“, “Sunrise“, “808080808”, and “Pacific State” the song with many different names.

Oddly the album is really short for an IDM, techno and acid house music disc. I expect dance albums to be long and have remixes. I am not sure if it is because I am listening to this thirty years later or if I just think it is bland. I think dance music got better in the 90s and beyond. 7/10.

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