#655 Aerosmith – Pump

Is it necessary for another Aerosmith album? Pump is their tenth studio album. I like them fine enough, but I think they were represented enough now with this being their third album on the list. The album marked several first for the band; they received their first number one song with “Love in an Elevator“, won their first Grammy Award and had three top ten hits.

The best song on the album is “Janie’s Got a Gun“. It theme is about child abuse and incest. Of course, I would like that song. I think “What It Takes” is okay too. I added it to my list.

I am not a huge Aerosmith fan, especially this album. Steven Tyler‘s voice can be irritating at times. On this album, he vocals are mostly an annoyance. The music is okay, but if you are going to waste time, then you should love his voice. I think they have enough representation on this list so I would leave this album off the list because it serves no purpose. 5/10.

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