#656 Pixies – Doolittle

Pixies second album Doolittle is their second album on the list. It is considered one of their best album. The dark offbeat album speaks on Biblical violence, environmentalism, torture and death. The album has been certified gold and is listed on many best albums lists.

Their biggest charting success from the album was “Here Comes Your Man“. It is a good song, but definitely not the best one. Everything before it on the album is better. My least favourite song is “Crackity Jones“. I do not like the Spanish influence and it sounds a bit crazy.

Check out “Monkey Gone to Heaven“, “Debaser“, “Tame”, and “Hey” for a taste of their sound.

I am sure that Eric played this album at some point of out friendship, but I do not remember it. I wish I had bought it long ago. I think this is an incredible album, except for the minor missteps mentioned in the previous paragraph. I like the clean production sound, the vocals and the darkness of the music. I would have a hard time deciding on which songs I like best. I think this album is a millions time better than their debut album Surfer Rosa. 10/10.

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