#657 Bonnie Raitt – Nick of Time

Bonnie Raitt is not someone I expected to see on the list. I know one of her songs “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and it is one of my favourite songs. Unfortunately it is not on her breakthough 10th album Nick of Time. I had no idea that she is a blues singer; I thought she was a country singer. I am so happy to be wrong. I can handle the blues if it is done right.

I liked her vocals and the music on some of the songs, but sometimes the lyrics were a bit weird. The best example is “Thing Called Love” lyrics, which really irritated me when she sang about a porcupine and an amoeba. It was mostly the porcupine that turned me off. Nobody likes getting pricked.

Baby we can choose you know we ain’t no amoeba
Are you ready for the thing called love
Don’t come from me and you
It comes from up above
I ain’t no porcupine
Take off your kid gloves.

I think the best songs are “Nick of Time”, “I Will Not Be Denied“, “I Ain’t Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again” and “Too Soon to Tell“. But the album gets a bit sappy lyrically at times with “Cry on My Shoulder“, “Nobody’s Girl”, and “Have a Heart“. I sort of liked the latter, but the music was too boring.

I wanted to like this album, but I continually found something that turned me off a bit. I think it had the potential to be great, but Don Was (was not) a great idea for a producer, after all his big hit was “Walk the Dinosaur”. Enough said. 6.5/10.

Just for your listening pleasure, I have added her 1991 hit song . It was covered by George Michael in 1997. Which version do you like better? I think George Michael’s version is a bit better because of the heartache in his vocals. I can hear it, especially near the end of the song.

2 thoughts on “#657 Bonnie Raitt – Nick of Time

  1. I prefer bonnies version. I think it’s because I heard it first. I’m usually partial to the “original” to me. Also, it’s probably because she’s female so it’s easier for me to identify.

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