#663 Fugazi – Repeater

Fugazi‘s Repeater is listed in the book as being released in 1989. Everywhere else it states that it was released in 1990 so I moved it down to 1990. Yes, we are in 1990 now. The 90s are here. This is a group that my friend at this time or near that time liked. I am certain he mentioned Fugazi often. They were an American post-hardcore band, but they have been on hiatus since 2003.

I thought “Turnover” started out great. I like the music at first, but the singing was not my favourite. Other songs I sort of kind of like were “Blueprint“, “Sieve-Fisted Find”, “Two Beats Off” and “Reprovisional”.

Overall, I think I liked vocalist Guy Picciotto over Ian MacKaye, but only a little better. This is a great album if you like this type of music. I think I do. I enjoyed it. I have that angst that I had as a teenager. 8.5/10.

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