#665 The Shamen – En-Tact

The Shamen is a band I have heard of, but only a little. En-Tact was their third studio album release.

Their only hit in the U.S.A. was “Move Any Mountain“, which was included on this album for the U.S. version. It is the one song that I did not like.

I think I liked “Hear Me O My People (Orbital – Delays Expected)” the best. I used to listen to Orbital a lot.

Overall, I had trouble getting through this album for some reason. I was excited to listen to it because I like electronica music. I had to try a third of fourth time before I figured out the problem; I hated the vocals. The music was great, but I have to take a lot off for the vocals. I eventually had to give up when I finally made it through the whole album once. 5/10.

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