#667 The La’s – The La’s

The La’s eponymous debut album is known for having the great song that became more famous for its cover version. They are known as a one-album wonder. Vocalist, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist Lee Mavers is a bit of a recluse and a perfectionist so another album is highly unlikely. Mavers was disappointed with every producer that worked with them on the album. After the album was released he and the band disowned it. He sounds like a jerk.

After listening to one of the versions of the album, I can see why Mavers hated it. It kind of sucked. But I did a test with the other versions on Spotify and the one that was released first was the better version, especially on “There She Goes“. This is probably blaspheme, but I prefer Sixpence None the Richer’s version of the song. I heard it first.

Even though the song is a bit long, I liked “Looking Glass“. “Timeless Melody” and “Liberty Ship” are also good.

Overall, I think the album is so-so. It sounded like old rock music to me. I think I am getting burnt out on some of this music. I still have over 300 albums left to listen to. I just realised that they remind me of R.E.M., but not a good version of them. 6/10.

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