#668 The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker

I remember being a fan of The Black Crowes from their first album Shake Your Money Maker. They released it in 1990 and became America’s favourite new rock band. I wonder what happens that I sometimes stop listening to a band after a few albums. Is it that they do not grow in their sound or is it that they change their sound? Or maybe I change my taste in music? It is probably a combination of many things.

I remembered this as a great album and I was correct. The list of best songs are “Twice As Hard“, “Jealous Again“, “Sister Luck”, “Could I’ve Been So Blind”, “Seeing Things“, and cover song “Hard to Handle“.

My favourite song from the album and probably from the band was “She Talks to Angels“. I could relate to some of the lyrics.

Overall, I love this album. It still sounds great after almost 30 years. If you like rock, southern rock and blues, then this is the album for you. Many critics write poorly of the band because they sound like older bands from the 60s and 70s, but I think they are too critical. 9/10.

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