#673 Pet Shop Boys – Behaviour

Pet Shop Boys are back for a second time on the list with their fourth studio album Behaviour. Honestly, I think lost interest in their music by the time this album came out. I had moved on to other dance artist. I know they had something later that I might have liked, but I really do not listen to the Pet Shop Boys. It seems that I would like their music, but I never paid attention to them in the 90s.

Oddly, the first song is “Being Boring“. But that is exactly what I felt listening to it. This was the first time I thought of them as boring.

Upon further inspection I might have had their next album Very at some point, but I do not remember any of the songs on the track listing. This album seems very calm compared to their previous ones. I could not find one song that I want on repeat. I was extremely tired after listening to it a couple times. It was not horrible, but it was not great. 5/10.

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