#675 George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1

Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was the best George Michael album ever. I remember where I lived, who was my roommate and who was my friend that I hangout with the most. This kind of feeling is so rare for me. To know so much about my life is a weird feeling. This album gave me all that. I remember this album because I had not considered George Michael as a serious songwriter until this album came out. I thought this album was perfection in vinyl.

Although I love almost every song on this album, I am torn between which of three is my favourite: “Cowboys and Angels“, “Waiting for That Day“, “Soul Free“.

I probably lean more toward “Waiting for That Day” because of the lyrics. These lyrics are words that I have felt and still feel. The ache in his voice is something that few artists are able to do. Every word feels important and every word hurts.

Now every day I see you in some other face
They crack a smile, talk a while
Try to take your place
My memory serves me far too well
I just sit here on this mountain
Thinking to myself
You’re a fool boy
Why don’t you go down
Find somebody
Find somebody else
My memory serves me far too well

Perhaps my second favourite is “Cowboys and Angels” because of its lyrics, but more so it is the music that takes me somewhere sad, somewhere filled with pain.

I know you think that you’re safe
Harmless deception
That keeps love at pain
It’s the ones who resist that we most want to kiss
Wouldn’t you say?

Overall, I love this album. It reminds me of a time I was almost happy. I was so close, but as always I never get there because I…I am not sure why. Something or someone takes it before I can grab it. I love this album because it reminds me of Dave Bronson. He was a great friend at that time when I was so alone until he was not anymore in my life. He was just like all those before him and after him. I often wonder if George Michael had a hard time keeping friends. He sings with such pain in his voice. His pain cannot be faked. 10/10.

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