#676 Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Ragged Glory

Ragged Glory is Neil Young’s sixth album on the list. Young & Crazy Horse released their sixth album together in 1990. I think six albums from one artist is a bit excessive. I would rather get a little more variety. This is Young’s eighteenth studio album of his career. In October, he will release his thirty-ninth studio album Colorado. I know it should be released by the time this blog entry is posted. I live in Colorado so I am interested in hearing it.

I think I would have preferred Harvest Moon over this album. I know that I really like the title song. This album was missing that moment. My other problem was the length of some of the songs. It had at least four songs that were over seven minutes and two others that were over five minutes.

I liked the album, but I did not want to add the songs to my list because they were too long. The music was jamming and his vocals were as expected, Neil Young-ish. I reserve the right to change my mind later about adding some of the songs to my list of best songs from 1001 Albums… 8/10.

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