#678 Jane’s Addiction – Ritual de lo habitual

Ritual de lo habitual is Jane’s Addiction second studio album and second on the list. Artists are the ones who create something out of pain and destruction. Singer Perry Farrell wrote two songs about his deceased girlfriend Xiola Blue, who died of a heroin overdose in 1987 and one song about his mother who committed suicide.

Been Caught Stealing” is the band’s most popular song. I liked it when I heard it on the radio, but it was never enough to buy the album.

Other songs that I liked, after listening, were “Stop!“, “No One’s Leaving“, “Ain’t No Right”, “Three Days“, and “Then She Did …”.

It is a really good album. I was surprised. I should have listened to it sooner. It is difficult because most often I know I will not like an album, but I have seen that I can be wrong from time to time. 8/10.

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