#683 Sonic Youth – Goo

Sonic Youth again. I hope this album Goo is the last one from this band. This is their fourth album on the list and their sixth studio album. It is considered one of their best and one of the most significant releases of alternative rock music.

I think my least favourite song was “Tunic (Song for Karen)”. Singer Kim Gordon reminded of Debbie Harry, but not as seductive.

There are some songs like  “Mote“, which I like and hate. I hate the length of the song, but I like the musical parts of it.

The best songs are “Dirty Boots“, “Kool Thing“, “Disappearer“, and “Titanium Exposé”.

I listened to this album a few times, but I had to continually start it over. I could not decide how I felt about it. I started a new medication and I feel a little out of sorts. I think I like the album as a whole, better than I like the songs individually. 7.5/10.

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