#689 Julian Cope – Peggy Suicide

I have heard of Julian Cope, but I cannot say if I have heard his music. I do not recognise the title of his seventh album Peggy Suicide. After reading his bio and the reason for making this album, I can see why I skipped it. He sounds delusional. From Wikipedia: “Cope laid bare many of his personal convictions including his hatred of organized religion and his increasing public interest in women’s rights, the occult, alternative spirituality (including paganism and Goddess worship), animal rights, and ecology.” Whenever I read someone hates organised religion, but studies the occult, I think her she is a delusional hypocritical moron. Fortunately, I can usually separate their beliefs from the music.

I did not like this album at all. I think his voice was bland. It must have been difficult being in a band with singer Ian McCulloch, a far superior singer. It was not awful, it was just bad. 4/10.

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